Colon Cleanse As Seen On TV Products Don’t Deliver

Have you found yourself surfing the net and coming across a lot of those Colon Cleanse—As Seen On TV products?  Of course, companies would love for all of us to believe that any colon cleansing product that has been advertised on the television is certain to be of high quality and very effective.  Unfortunately, in far too many cases, these televised bowel cleansers fail to truly clean out the gastrointestinal tract and that is why constipation problems often return shortly after use.

The reason why so many of these colon cleansers fail to deliver is because they do not remove or dissolve the concentration of feces that gathers upon the walls of the colon and bowels.  In many instances, the bowel cleanser simply clears out the passageway in the colon much like dietary fiber would.  Therefore, the concentrated layers of dried and compacted feces remain and there is still a high potential of a fecal impaction and constipation problems.

Bogus colon cleansers typically advertises an unrealistic time for how long the product will take to work.  Simply stated: It took years for the waste to accumulate in your colon and intestines.  A colon cleanse detox program will necessarily take some time to eat away the layers of compacted feces and undigested food.  No colon cleanser can undue years of damage in the span of a single night and yet this is how many companies advertise their products.  Depending on the amount and severity of the concentration of feces, it typically takes about a week to ten days in order to fully cleanse the bowels so any products advertising results in less than that timeframe should be regarded with extreme skepticism.

Another big reason why many colon cleanse products fail to deliver and prevent constipation problems from recurring is because they kill off the intestinal flora in the gastrointestinal tract.  Intestinal flora are microorganisms that provide the following benefits to you:

  • Prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria that are present within the colon
  • Help remove toxins from your system
  • Help produce vitamin B
  • Improve overall performance of digestive system

One of the reasons why some bowel cleansers are able to advertise on television is because they are using chemicals and synthesized antibiotics in their products.   Antibiotics are included in bowel cleansers to help kill off the harmful bacteria and parasites that are common to clogged colons.  Unfortunately, unless they are completely natural and specifically included in the product to kill these harmful microbes, antibiotics destroy the bad and good microbes in the colon which means that constipation problems are likely to return in short order.

Bowel cleansing products made from chemicals and other harsh ingredients are cheaper to make which is probably why they can afford to advertise on television.  For effective colon cleanse and detox products, search out those made from all natural ingredients and take care to avoid any that claim to flush your system in less than a week.  In many cases, those Colon Cleanse-As Seen On TV products simply do not deliver and some can actually create more problems than they are supposed to solve.

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