Benefits of Colon Cleansing May Include Longer Lifespan

It seems like the list of potential benefits of colon cleansing seems to literally grow by the day with each new product promising some radical and “previously unknown” advantage of keeping the bowels clean.  Some of these claims are indeed unjustified but that does not change the fact that a periodic bowel cleansing will in fact improve your overall health and the efficiency of your gastrointestinal tract.

Many of the actual benefits of a bowel cleansing are related to decreasing chances for constipation and eliminating accumulated waste that has concentrated on the walls of the colon and gastrointestinal tract.  For one thing, when the walls of the colon are coated with layer after layer of dried feces, it makes it much easier for parasites to attach and drain nutrients from your body.  In addition, this accumulated waste makes it much more likely that constipation problems will arise.

Constipation problems are more likely when a periodic bowel cleanser is not used because it is easier for fecal impactions to occur.  A fecal impaction is a blockage that generally forms in between the colon and the bottom of the large intestines.  This then prevents waste from being evacuated.  If stool is not eliminated from your body, the bacteria and toxins present in feces then are reabsorbed into the bloodstream.  This allows these dangerous microorganisms and toxins to spread to other systems and cause a wide range of medical problems, such as:

  • Cell and tissue damage
  • Depletion of immune system
  • Increased susceptibility to disease and infection
  • Massive explosion of bacteria population which may lead to septicemia—and even death


Therefore, using an effective bowel cleanser can dissolve this accumulated waste, make it more difficult for parasites to attach to the walls of the colon, and reduce chances for constipation problems.  However, one of the biggest benefits that people usually find when using a bowel cleansing product is a loss of weight.  There have been cases (John Wayne in particular!) when autopsies have revealed colons that were literally clogged with compacted feces.  A normal colon weighs roughly 4 pounds in an adult but John Wayne’s colon weighed over 40 pounds!  Those last few pounds that many people struggle with losing may be stored in the colon and a good bowel cleansing could be the answer to why your diet simply is not working.

Finally, a good body colon cleanse will not only remove the accumulated waste along the walls of the colon while also making it more difficult for more feces to accumulate later.  When the walls of the colon and gastrointestinal tract are clean, then intestinal flora (beneficial microbes in gastrointestinal tract) will flourish and help remove toxins while also controlling harmful bacteria populations.  This will make improve the overall efficiency of the digestive system which decreases chances for constipation problems.

Therefore, the benefits of colon cleansing include:

  • Removal of accumulated feces along walls of colon
  • Decreased chances for fecal impactions and constipation problems
  • Restore levels of intestinal flora
  • Weight loss
  • Improved immune system efficiency