Can Colon Cleansing Kit Help You Live Longer?

Using a colon cleansing kit is not the first choice many of us consider when trying to prevent or treat constipation problems.  In truth, most people actually tend to suffer through constipation problems rather than seek medical treatment or use any colon cleansing products.  When people do try to address their problems with irregularity, the tendency is to focus on short term relief and this is why most turn to laxatives rather then true colon cleanse products.  However, not only do laxatives fail to provide a thorough bowel cleansing, they actually can create more problems than they relieve and some common side effects are:

  • Potential destruction or degradation of colon muscles
  • Loss of appetite
  • May be habit-forming
  • Known to cause tremors in hands
  • Weakened immune system

While laxatives may be the most common form of constipation relief and are sometimes even marketed as bowel cleansers, the fact is that they will not effectively clean the gastrointestinal tract.  Unless compacted and concentrated feces are removed from the walls of the colon and large intestines, there is a great potential for a fecal impaction.  The best colon cleansing products remove all of the accumulated waste from the bowels so that these dangerous fecal impactions do not occur and create the potential for blockages and constipation problems.

In the event of a blockage, waste cannot be evacuated from the body.  All fecal matter trapped in the intestines and colon is loaded with harmful bacteria and dangerous toxins.  Without the periodic colon cleanse, blockages occur and cause these harmful bacteria and toxins to be reabsorbed into the blood stream where they can cause cellular damage in other systems throughout the body.

If the blockage continues and causes too many dangerous bacteria to be released in the body, then septicemia may occur which is basically a massive infection raging in your system.  Without immediate and effective treatment using large doses of antibiotics, septicemia will eventually force organs to shut down and death is very likely.

The ultimate colon cleanse would dissolve concentrated waste in the gastrointestinal tract, restore intestinal flora, and increase the efficiency of the entire digestive system.
To accomplish this, the best colon cleanse products tend to be oxygenated and are made from all natural products.

There are bowel cleansers made from harsh chemicals and other synthesized ingredients and these products will also flush the entire system.  However, the problem with any chemical or synthetic ingredient is the increased possibility for side effects, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Constipation
  • Skin problems
  • Destruction of beneficial bacteria in colon

Unfortunately for consumers, there are an abundance of colon cleansing products on the market and choosing those that are both effective yet safe is a very difficult prospect.  What makes all of the effort worthwhile is the fact that the right colon cleanse product will improve your overall health and decrease chances for constipation.  Taking the time to find the best colon cleansing kit only involves a little more effort but the effects can last a lifetime!

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