Chronic Constipation: The Deadly Secret

Constipation is thought to be the most frequent medical condition suffered by people but it remains one of the least treated problems.  Much of this is due to the relative frequency of constipation and the fact that symptoms tend to be relatively minor and limited to infrequent bowel movements and difficulty passing stool.

The consequences of constipation are relatively minor and can be easily corrected when the cause is one of the following:  traveling, recent change in diet, dehydration, reaction to new medication, or missing or withholding a bowel movement.  But, chronic constipation can be due to a blockage or more severe medical problem and require immediate attention.  If left untreated, constipation may lead to septicemia and even death.

In order to best prevent or treat constipation, it is important to determine whether or not the constipation is temporary or chronic.  All of the reasons listed above are common causes of temporary constipation and should not be cause for great alarm.  In most cases, a simple laxative will stimulate the bowels and help pass stool.  Once the cause of the temporary constipation is addressed, the problem should be alleviated.  However, when constipation is chronic or frequently occurs, more often than not, it is actually your diet causing the constipation.

The two main constipation causes in your diet are a lack of water and fiber.  Dehydration will dry out stool and lead to straining during bowel movements.  A lack of fiber can further dry out stool and lead to smaller stool and less frequent bowel movements.

When diet is not the cause, it may be possible that constipation is being caused by a blockage of some kind.  In many cases, the blockage is due to a fecal compaction that forms where the large intestines and rectum meet.  The longer the blockage remains, the drier the stool will become and harder to evacuate.  Once the blockage is in place, there may be wet, milky evacuation that may make a person think they have diarrhea and not constipation.

The problem with constipation is that human waste is filled with toxins and bacteria that need to be evacuated from the body.  If this is not done so in a timely manner, these bacteria may be reabsorbed by the blood stream causing a host of additional medical problems.  If the blockage is not removed and normal bowel movements restored, then septicemia may result which has been known to be fatal and is little more than a giant infection raging throughout the body.

While occasional constipation is quite normal and rarely causes medical problems, chronic constipation can be the result of a larger medical problem.  To prevent septicemia and other serious health issues that may arise as a result of the blockages that can cause chronic constipation, it may be sometimes necessary to use a colon cleanser.  A colon cleanser will remove compacted feces that form blockages along with any on the walls of the intestines or colon.  It is important to find colon cleansers made with all natural ingredients because those made with chemicals or synthetic ingredients can cause dehydration and other harmful side effects.

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