Constipation After Surgery

There is never a good time to have constipation, but constipation after surgery has to be the worst. Not only are you dealing with the pain and discomfort of whatever surgery you just went through, unfamiliar medications, and additional doctor’s appointments, but your body causes even more problems by not being able to go to the bathroom. Here are a few of the causes of constipation following surgery.

  • medications
  • lack of activity
  • stress

Each person reacts to different medications in different ways, which is why they all come with a printout of possible side effects. For many people constipation is a common side effect. The only way to get around unmovable bowels in this case is to talk to your doctor about a potential substitution. There may be another medication that will work just as effectively without the constipation side effect. If not, hopefully it isn’t a medicine you will need for long. Anesthesia can clog up the works so to speak as well. Fortunately those effects don’t last very long most of the time.

Of course, while you are recovering from surgery, exercise isn’t a high priority, especially if it’s against doctor’s orders. The colon and lower intestines are better able to perform their jobs when the body is active and the muscles are well toned. In this type of situation, eating well and taking an all natural colon cleanser may help until you can get back into your regular exercise routine. Always be sure to check with the doctor regarding any supplements while you are in their care.

Having surgery can be an incredibly stressful time. Constipation is common during high stress events. No one is sure why this is. Of course on the other hand, a lot of people experience diarrhea when they are nervous and anxious. As soon as you have doctor’s clearance, getting back in your normal habits should help relief the symptoms of constipation and have you feeling like your old self again.

The last complication you need is constipation after surgery, but it does happen. Keeping your medical health professional aware of the situation and using an all natural product, like New Colon Sweep will help. There are a lot of constipation causes and all of them can be handled safely and effectively with a little know how.

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