Bowel Incontinence May Be More Serious Problem Than You Think!

Who among us can honestly say that we haven’t suffered from a little bowel incontinence every now and then—especially during the holidays when we are eating all those wonderful and rich foods!  Having a constipation problem is about the most natural and common medical issue that any of us can have.  However, few of us seek constipation help from the medical community because it is typically short term and the symptoms do not tend to be terribly debilitating.  Plus, with so many over the counter constipation remedies available, who wants to bother seeing a doctor and paying $150 only to have them tell us to go home and “drink some prune juice”?

However, while abdominal pain and constipation may seem like minor problems that only cause minimal physical discomfort—the problem can worsen and ultimately threaten your very life.  After all, the colon is the place where all of the solid waste in your body ends up before being passed in a bowel movement.  Treatment for constipation is so vital because if the waste is not evacuated in a timely and regular fashion—the bacteria and toxins present in feces may be reabsorbed by your bloodstream.

The toxins that are released into your body due to a chronic constipation problem will damage the other cells and tissues in your body.  Some of these toxins may end up stored inside of the cells and cause problems when it comes time for replication.  In addition, toxins increase the rate of oxidation—along with the production of free radicals!  Just a few of the problems associated with free radicals aside from constipation and gas include:

  • Poor eyesight
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Advanced aging including more fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cell damage down to DNA level

While the causes of constipation may vary greatly, the effects of prolonged bouts of the condition are pretty straightforward.  Aside from the toxins escaping into your bloodstream and causing problems, there are also high levels of bacteria that are released as well.  At first, these elevated bacteria levels only cause the immune system to strain harder as it produces more white blood cells to kill the harmful microorganisms.

But, in time and if the chronic constipation problem does not allow for a bowel movement for more than 7 days, a condition known as septicemia may develop.  Basically a large infection raging all throughout your body due to the bacteria from the feces, septicemia can be a fatal condition if not treated immediately and some form of immediate constipation treatment performed.  Typically, a colonic irrigation is used to treat constipation when it becomes so severe that septicemia is present.

To avoid this, try using a colon cleanser periodically to remove the compacted feces and waste that has accumulated along the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.  This will help prevent blockages that can cause bowel incontinence while also helping your digestive system in the process.

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