Unraveling The Great Colon Cleanse And Ambien Mystery

Don’t be alarmed:  Most people are confused anytime that colon cleanse and ambien appear in the same sentence together.  After all, what could a bowel cleansing product have to do with a sleep aid?  In order to understand this odd association, it is important to first understand constipation and its causes.

Three million people go to the doctor every year because of problems with constipation and this is a small fraction of the actual number of actual cases.  Generally speaking, constipation is difficult to define because there are so many variations of the condition but it typically involves:

  • Infrequent bowel movements
  • Pain when trying to pass hardened, dry stool
  • Discomfort in abdomen, especially when attempting to have a bowel movement

Where short term constipation is concerned, symptoms should never last for more than a few days and there is typically no need for colon cleansers or other constipation remedies because the condition often goes away on its own.  However, even in cases of short term constipation, the problem may not necessarily disappear without using some kind of colon cleansing product.  This is because there are a large number of potential causes of short term constipation, including:

  • Dehydration—simply drinking more fluids should alleviate the constipation problems making a bowel cleansing agent unnecessary
  • Recent travel—this may cause constipation problems because the normal cycle of bowel movements may be thrown off but things should return to normal within a day or two
  • Withholding a bowel movement
  • Pregnancy or hormonal imbalance
  • Consuming too many dairy products—calcium is released by the muscles in the colon when constricting.  If there is too much in your system, then the muscles will not constrict and a bowel movement will not occur.
  • Medication

Because medications can cause side effects like constipation, the mystery surrounding the appearance of colon cleansers and ambien starts to unravel.  One of the common side effects of sleep aids is dehydration—a known cause of constipation.  But can a colon cleansing product help prevent constipation problems caused by dehydration?

Actually, bowel cleansers may be able to lessen the constipation problems because they will clear out the colon and make it easier to pass stool—even when it is dry.  However, because most adults over the age of 40 have an average of 10 pounds of concentrated feces stuck to the walls of the colon, sleeping pills and other potential causes of dehydration will tend to cause short term problems with constipation.

It is important to find colon cleansing products made from all natural ingredients when trying to flush the gastrointestinal tract.  In many cases, those “Colon Cleanse—As Seen On TV” products are less expensive because they are made from chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that are likely to cause side effects—like dehydration!

Therefore, when using a bowel cleanse product to help flush the colon and lessen the chances that a sleep aid will cause constipation problems due to dehydration—be very certain to use only products that are made from all natural ingredients because two diuretic agents may very well cause even more severe problems.  However, it appears that the great colon cleanse and ambien mystery has been solved—so remember what you have learned and flush the gastrointestinal tract and be sure to drink plenty of water when taking a sleeping pill.

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